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Top Tips for keeping your dog cool and safe over the holidays

Water, water, water.....plenty of water bowls changed frequently, children's pools to play in, water games, ice cubes, doggy Popsicles and frozen toy cakes!  Remember to take water with you on walks.

Keep them cool.....provide a cool, shady spot for your dog to rest and snooze away during the heat of the day.  Cooling pet beds and fans assist with keeping your dog cool.

Protect paws....walk when it's cool.  Concrete, pavements and sand that are too hot for your bare feet are too hot for your dogs paws.

Make a splash....many dogs love to swim so summer is a great time for trips to dog friendly beaches or to hop in the pool. Life jackets are great as they give your dog more confidence in the water.  Be ready to assist your dog at all times, especially to get out of pools.

Slip, slop, slap....some dogs require a dog safe sunscreen on their noses, ears and belly to prevent sunburn.

Dogs die in hot cars....don't leave dogs in hot cars, even with windows down, even for 5 minutes....

Watch what your dog eats....chocolates, grapes and raisins, onions and excessive fatty leftovers are particularly dangerous to dogs.  If you suspect your dog has eaten a potentially hazardous item, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Have fun & keep safe over the holidays
from the Hydropaws team

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